Competition Winners

We are proud to feature our competition winners on this page

August 2013 (Subject = Open)

July 2013 (Subject = People/Portrait)

Knox Interclub 2013 (Subject = Open)

May 2013 (Subject = reflections/shadows)

Two Hemispheres Competition (Leighton Buzzard and CCC)

March 2013 (Subject = travel)

February 2013 (Subject = open)

Annual Trophy Competition 2012

Printed Images October 2012 (Subject = Open)

Projected Images October 2012 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images September 2012 (Subject = Photojournalism)

Projected Images September 2012 (Subject = Photojournalism)

Printed Images August 2012 (Subject = Open)

Projected Images August 2012 (Subject = Open)

Knox Interclub 2012 (Subject = Monochome open)

Printed Images July 2012 (Subject = In My Neighbourhood or Backyard)

Projected Images July 2012 (Subject = In My Neighbourhood or Backyard)

Printed Images June 2012 (Subject = Open)

Projected Images June 2012 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images May 2012 (Subject = Creative motion blur)

Projected Images May 2012 (Subject = Creative motion blur)

Printed Images March 2012 (Subject = Portrait)

Projected Images March 2012 (Subject = Portrait)

Projected Images February 2012 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images February 2012 (Subject = Open)

Annual Trophy Competition 2011

Projected Images October 2011 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images October 2011 (Subject = Open)

Projected Images September 2011 (Subject = Celebrations)

Printed Images September 2011 (Subject = Celebrations)

Projected Images August 2011 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images August 2011 (Subject = Open)

Projected Images July 2011 (Subject = People At Work)

Printed Images July 2011 (Subject = People At Work)

Projected Images June 2011 (Subject = Open)

Printed Images June 2011 (Subject = Open)

Would you like your winning images to be featured in the gallery?

We want to feature all prize winners in our galleries each month. If you wish to have your image shown here, please email your winning entry to Barney as a digital image within a week after the competition.

Please name the image for example:

  • A1 Evan Thomas – Beckoning
  • B1 Colin Hunter – Misty Autumn Morning
  • SP1 Colin Hunter – The Rose

Sending your image:

  • Please follow the rule for projected images, no more than 1400×1050 pixels wide.
  • Please ATTACH and do not EMBED the images in your e-mail.
  • Please do not send the images in a compressed archive.
  • Please send your printed images as digital format. Do not scan the print.
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