Editing your Portraits for Impact #1 It’s All About the Eyes

It’s All About the Eyes If your subject’s eyes are dull and lifeless, your image will project that too!  Before you take your photograph, check that the model’s eyes have catch lights in them. How to Make Those Eyes POP in Photoshop CS Step One: Create duplicate layer, press command (mac)/control(pc) j    Then rename the … Continue reading

Fixing Old Photos

Have you been dredging through those boxes of old photos and came across one that you want to fix? Here’s the old photo that requires fixing. The higher the resolution that you scan at the better: Let’s bring out the detail by copying the bottom layer and applying a tonal contrast enhancement using Unsharp Mask … Continue reading

Repairing or Removing Distracting Backgrounds – Tutorial

This is an example of how Camberwell Camera Club supports its members with advice about their photography work.  I have taken this straight from an email…   Hi Dennis, The image that you showed at the portrait retouching night was a tricky choice to edit and I think I’ve worked out an easy way to … Continue reading

Problem Solving for Photographers

As part of a recent discussion about editing portraits, we had to problem solve a number of images together.  Now, I’m no expert in photo editing, so it was great that other members could help out with the problems. Ruth and I also followed up how to solve these problems via email. We sent out … Continue reading

Monitor Calibration using the i1 Display

Monitor Calibration using i1 Display Our club has recently acquired an i1 Display calibrator from Imagescience which may be borrowed by members to calibrate their monitors and/or projectors for accurate colour rendition. You can find out more about the product here: X-Rite i1Display Pro Please support Imagescience as their prices are reasonable, they provide quality … Continue reading

Advanced Tutorial in Photoshop – Skin retouching

Recently a member of our ‘Beyond the Point and Shoot’ photography course, showed me a great shot of a very attractive model. There was one problem though, it was a close up and revealed small lines and tiny blemishes the model’s skin. I was looking around on the net for a tutorial about removing or … Continue reading

Comments on Results – May 2011

Here are some comments on images which people have asked me to specifically comment on and advise enhancement processes. Remember the golden rules: RAW – it will liberate you! HISTOGRAM BRACKETED EXPOSURES JPEG IS FOR POINT AND SHOOT ONLY THE NEXT IMAGES WERE CAPTURED IN JPEG Although it’s a JPEG, first I would open the … Continue reading

Sample Images – May 2011

Here are samples of images that I created on the morning of 5th March 2011 from Anderson Park. RAW image capture, Canon 5D MkII, 21MP, on tripod with shutter extension cord, Sigma 80-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 APO, Marumi 77mm DHG Circular P.L.D., Manual Exposure mode, f/8.0 1/10s, ISO400, 175mm 4 overlapping frames in portrait mode, stitched and … Continue reading

Preparation for Landscape Class – August 2011

Hi Everyone I want YOU to work hard by using your cameras so that you will know how to handle them when we do the landscape workshop. Here’s the good news, the workshop will be at the time of day when we have the best light – you know by now that is morning or … Continue reading

Camera Settings – May 2011

As the course you are doing is called “Beyond Point and Shoot”, I was pleased to see that most people made use of the workshop opportunity to do do exactly that. I am updating my workflow to cover and explain some of the problem issues. This workflow may sound horribly complicated. Take it in steps … Continue reading