Gallery – Angela Booth

Angela Booth Angela Booth began dabbling in the darkroom art of black and white processing and printing at the age of twelve, and has been hooked on photography ever since. For six glorious years she used incalculable quantities of other people’s chemicals, and a seemingly endless supply of photographic paper, until she had to give … Continue reading

Ian Spence – Mountain High

Mountain High

Ian Spence – Yak Yak Yak

Yak Yak Yak

Ian Spence – First Sunrise

First Sunrise – Gisborne NZ

Ian Spence – Flying Machines of the Himalayas

Flying machines of the Himalayas

Gallery – Ian Spence

Ian Spence  Foto trekka and adventure traveller. I enjoy trekking through wild and remote places. So does my camera. Have a look at my galleries: Don’t You Love Those Quirky Shots New! Melbourne Sunsets Winter 2012 Mountain High People of the Himalayas Flying Machines of the Himalayas First Sunrise – Gisborne NZ Yak Yak Yak

Class Images April 2012 Landscape Workshop

 I trust that everyone enjoyed the workshop on Sunday night? Very challenging to wrap your brain around all this complicated manual stuff under conditions of difficult and rapidly changing lighting, but I’m proud to say that all seemed to be coping as no cameras were injured during the session. And if you didn’t quite get … Continue reading

Editing your Portraits for Impact #1 It’s All About the Eyes

It’s All About the Eyes If your subject’s eyes are dull and lifeless, your image will project that too!  Before you take your photograph, check that the model’s eyes have catch lights in them. How to Make Those Eyes POP in Photoshop CS Step One: Create duplicate layer, press command (mac)/control(pc) j    Then rename the … Continue reading

Repairing or Removing Distracting Backgrounds – Tutorial

This is an example of how Camberwell Camera Club supports its members with advice about their photography work.  I have taken this straight from an email…   Hi Dennis, The image that you showed at the portrait retouching night was a tricky choice to edit and I think I’ve worked out an easy way to … Continue reading

Problem Solving for Photographers

As part of a recent discussion about editing portraits, we had to problem solve a number of images together.  Now, I’m no expert in photo editing, so it was great that other members could help out with the problems. Ruth and I also followed up how to solve these problems via email. We sent out … Continue reading