Is Film Photography Dead?

Is Film Photography Dead? When people call me to inquire about Camberwell Camera Club, they have often had experience with a film camera and want to learn more about digital photography. I am often asked if anyone shoots with film anymore and will it be hard to learn to use a DSLR camera?  The jump … Continue reading

Repairing or Removing Distracting Backgrounds – Tutorial

This is an example of how Camberwell Camera Club supports its members with advice about their photography work.  I have taken this straight from an email…   Hi Dennis, The image that you showed at the portrait retouching night was a tricky choice to edit and I think I’ve worked out an easy way to … Continue reading

Problem Solving for Photographers

As part of a recent discussion about editing portraits, we had to problem solve a number of images together.  Now, I’m no expert in photo editing, so it was great that other members could help out with the problems. Ruth and I also followed up how to solve these problems via email. We sent out … Continue reading

Photography blogs

Camberwell Camera Club has a pretty impressive line up for 2012! I’m looking forward to the guest speakers for the year and also going to a few workshops.  Check out the Calender page on our website for all of the exciting dates! I have been on the hunt for some great photography blogs to follow. … Continue reading

Digital Jottings – System Cameras

Digital Jottings. Camera Manufacturers have been busy developing small high performance units which they hope will be attractive to DSLR users. The general term used to describe these cameras is System Cameras or for a more colourful acronym they are termed EVIL cameras where EVIL is an abbreviation for  Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens. They are … Continue reading

Comments on Class Images – Workshop August 2011

Thank you for the great images received. If I may comment on how to improve them, please regard this as merely my opinion. We all like different images and you may totally disagree with me! Cityblues I believe that the image can benefit from a simple contrast enhancement and perspective correction to straighten the buildings. … Continue reading

You are not a photographer

You are not a photographer is a highly amusing site that shows the very worst of “professional” photography. It is greatly heartening to an amateur such as myself to see how pros can get it all so very wrong. To see the site click here.

Our Members Recommend…

Hello Members! At our last meeting we discussed having blog post with photography recommendations on the club’s website. You can write a comment below and list your favorite labs, camera stores, print mounting places etc. If you know the web address that would also be handy to note. Please only comment on places that you … Continue reading

July Inspiration – Smoke Photography

Camberwell Camera Club’s INSPIRATION SERIES – July To inspire members this month we viewed The Ethereal Beauty of Smoke by J.Hoque Photography at our July meeting. Taking photographs of smoke might appear to be complex, but can easily be done with basic items that you have at home.  I’m sure that you will definitely agree … Continue reading

How to Use the new CCC Website

Our website can be found at the link This opens the home page: Put your mouse on the Gallery menu, click and it will open the club gallery. If you bring your mouse down onto the Featured Members submenu and left-click it will open the Featured Members page. Scroll down the page to find … Continue reading