‘Awards’ System of Judging

‘Awards’ System of Judging

1 Year Trial Period – Commencing 2013

Key Aims:

To encourage personal improvement

To allow multiple images from different members concurrently to receive awards

To inspire members to set personal goals e.g. aiming for a ‘Commended’ etc.

To make it easier for judges to allocate awards for Open competitions as several members’ prints may be deserving as the ‘top print’



The award system of judging benefits members by allowing them a higher chance of receiving an ward while giving them something to aim for when setting personal goals. Even though there are no scores used in our method imagine ‘Honour’ recipients as receiving 15/15 points, the ‘Highly Commended’ as 13 or 14/15 and the ‘Commended’ as 12/15.

Award Categories:

1. Honour

2. Highly commended

3. Commended

Range 0 – 5 awards per award category (e.g. 5 highly commended)

Maximum of awards for each section =10

Special Award:

Image of the Month for the entire evening. This will be chosen out of the Honour award

recipients. No extra certificate will be awarded.

Award Appearance:


Receiving Awards:

Members will come up to receive certificates in small groups e.g. all honours together

Aggregate Point Allocation:

Honour = 5 points

Highly Commended = 4 points

Commended = 3 points

All other entries receive 1 points


5 Sections:

Large Print                        Group A

Large Print                        Group B

Small Print                        Group B

Digital Projected Images   Group A

Digital Projected Images   Group B

Entry requirements:

All printed and projected image entries MUST have a DPI submitted according to our DPI size rules. For example, if you enter the print section you must also email a digital version in the correct dimensions to Sue at smwelsh1@bigpond.com  This will allow us to project all images on screen for viewing throughout the evening.

Prints will be available to view at the monthly meeting before and after the session.

If you receive an award your image will be placed on our club’s website with the other place getters. Please notify us if you do to wish this to happen with your images.

Points to Note:

  • There will be no ‘scores’ given by judges, simply award placings
  • Judges will provide constructive feedback on all B Grade images
  • Judges will comment on all award receiving A group images
  • Images that have received Honours or High Commended cannot be re-entered in another monthly competition.

The judge does not see the Digital version of any printed photograph. This is ONLY used for the meeting night for ease of viewing.

Naming your Digital Images

We ask that you strictly adhere to these file naming conventions to help us track and identify your images easily.  Images that have not been correctly named or sized will be returned to you with documentation explaining how to do so accurately. Please help us to ease the work load of our generous volunteers. PLEASE use underscores NOT spaces.


e.g.        A712_201206_TakingOff_LPA


Section Codes:

Large Print A = LPA

Large Print B = LPB

Small Prints = SP

Digital Projected Images A = DPIA

Digital Projected Images B = DPIB

File Sizing Requirements:

Digital Image Dimensions: 1400 pixels WIDE x 1050 pixels HIGH max.

File Size: Less than 1000kb jpeg

B Group Definition:  

 Everyone new into the club is generally entered in this section.

B Group members must:

  • Never have been a professional photographer
  • Never have received an award at a national or international level of competition or have VAPS honours.
  • Never have worked at a higher level (ie. A group) as a member of another photography club

The committee may nominate a member for promotion to Group “A” after consideration of the member’s competition performance and/or other relevant experience.  Promotion will take place at the beginning of the next CCC competition year in February.

The competition stewards may nominate additional members for promotion to Group A to maintain a satisfactory balance of members between the two divisions.

An A Group member can request relegation from A Group to B Group at the competition steward’s discretion. The competition steward may refuse the application but must provide the member with a reason after agreement from the committee.

Review Methods:

  • Verbal feedback will be noted by committee members
  • A survey will be conducted during a regular monthly meeting (Mid 2013)


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