Google Shared Calendar – How to use it

Our new CCC Shared Calendar has many advantages for club members as well as website administrators and our planet:

1. A shared calendar can be viewed by all, including the non-tech-savvy, just like the old text calendar.

2. Tech-savvy members can download the calendar to their own calendar, where it will appear on their devices, mobile and desktop.

3. Those who subscribe to the calendar will automatically receive updates to their own calendar.

4. Those who participate only in monthly meetings will also be informed about all other meetings and may start participating as a result.

5. The admin burden of regularly updating the beastly text calendar will be directly taken care of and notices of upcoming events can also be sent out as an invite via the Mailchimp. Accept the invite and it’s in your personal calendar.

6. The non-tech-savvy can directly print the calendar from the website.

7. Less trees to be chopped down and paper to print!

Mark Hassed set up a shared Google calendar for test purposes, I would just like to show you how easy it is to use.

Firstly, I set up an entry for the Committee meeting in my own calendar, then copied it to the CCC shared calendar like this:

In my own calendar I can now see my personal entries + entries from CCC

As I also have a calendar on my smartphone, this appears there and I will receive a reminder.

When I copied the entry to CCC it appears on the public CCC calendar

Anyone who subscribes to the calendar will receive an update and it will appear on their smartphone too.

But, those who like fondling dead trees can also print the calendar from

What’s Happening? Just switch to Agenda Tab. Providing that this calendar is kept updated everything is there.

All calendar settings can be accessed from here and you may make changes or add events from here too.

You can make entries in the CCC calendar directly from here (not on the web page)

Give it a go please.

Contact Mark or Barney or any other web administrator for the club if you want an invitation to join the calendar.

2 Responses to “Google Shared Calendar – How to use it”
  1. What an excellent initiative. Mark and you are both to be commended highly for this wonderful idea.

  2. barneymeyer says:

    Indeed! Both great guys, even if nobody else cares to mention it!

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