May 2 2011 – Audiovisual Group Report

Audiovisual Group Report

This year the audiovisual group has had a busy few months starting on March 7th with the ‘Holiday’ challenge. The topic was creatively interpreted by our members and I am sure all agreed that we finished the evening richer by our experience of sharing and watching these presentations:

Matt Moore: The Motor Bike Rider Colin Hunter: Sun Arise Michael Persin: Kangaroo Island and Bogong Plains

Don Weston: California Motel Ruth Goldwasser: Sounds of Kinglake John Varcoe-Cocks: The Pilbarra

At the following meeting, on the 11th April, we had a most enjoyable and stimulating session watching David Wilcox’s presentations which he had sent to us from Upminster in the UK. David is a most accomplished AV maker and it was remarkable to watch 12 of his outstanding presentations which were so very varied in nature. We learned a lot that evening and our combined reports, which I sent to him, were greatly appreciated.

On Monday 2nd May, our guest speaker, Meredith Briggs, shared her passion and wisdom for audiovisuals with us, resulting in an entertaining and stimulating evening (see stitched photo attached). She showed us some of her beautiful and informative presentations, and went over her approach and methods to AV creating, from the concept to her photography, music, sound and production. The evening was thoroughly appreciated by an audience of both experienced and beginning AV producers and some members said that they were inspired by her to have a go and make an AV presentation of their own. Two members showed us their latest presentations, Sunarise by Colin Hunter and Avalon Airshow by Matt Moore, which were much appreciated.

Our next meeting will be on Monday night, June the 6th. For this evening, please bring along any work that you have completed and like to share, or works in progress which you would like input from the group. Colin has agreed to show us how he uses keyframing to make birds and planes fly over a landscape using ProShow Producer. Keyframing is something that I don’t know much about and so I am looking forward to seeing it demonstrated. Everyone is invited to bring along any hints or methods for making AVs to share with us or to ask questions regarding methods using their software. We will endeavour to help or to point you in the right direction.

Now for the NEXT Challenge

The topic for our next AV Challenge will be ‘Tell a Story’ on July 4th, where all club members, experienced or not, are invited to bring their presentations.

So where is this all leading to?

Following from our very successful AV exchange last year, we are planning the 2nd Camberwell and Upminster AV Exchange. So we need to get a move on to prepare our AVs to send to the UK. Everyone is invited to submit a presentations for consideration. There will be a meeting on August 1st (date to be confirmed) for everyone to bring their completed AVs to show and be selected to send to Dave Wilcox, who is the UK convenor for this exchange.

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