March 2011 – Audiovisual Challenges ‘Holiday’ and ‘Tell a Story’

Audiovisual Challenges ‘Holiday’ and ‘Tell a Story’

We had a stimulating evening watching presentations made by our members on the topic of ‘Holiday’ at the audiovisual meeting on March 7th, 2011. It was creatively interpreted by our members and I am sure all agreed that we finished the evening richer by our experience of sharing and watching these presentations:

Matt Moore: The Motor Bike Rider Colin Hunter: Sun Arise Michael Persin: Kangaroo Island and Bogong Plains

Don Weston: California Motel Ruth Goldwasser: Sounds of Kinglake John Varcoe-Cocks: The Pilbarra

The topic for our next AV Challenge will be ‘Tell a Story’ on July 4th, where all club members, experienced or not, are invited to bring their presentations. In the meantime, we have slotted in a showing of David Wilcox’s CD on April 11th, and guest speaker and presenter, Meredith Briggs on May 2nd. Both evenings are not to be missed.

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