Gallery-Audio Visual Group

Creative AVs by our own club photographers

This presentation was made by Camberwell Camera Club Audiovisual Group after a visit to the Queen Victoria Market. I hope you enjoy our combined efforts

Flavours of the Market

Images by CCC members. Script and Narration by Donna Killeen.

A Visit to Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia – the food, smells, colours and sounds and the making of dinner for international visitors.

Seasons Meditation by Wolf Marx

Autumn by Ruth Goldwasser

Our Audio Visual Group met on Wednesday 21 May with the theme for the evening being “Seasons”

With the autumnal colours being outstanding this year, Wolf, Colin, Ruth and Don produced sequences which featured the magnificent seasonal Melbournian offerings. Ruth also had images from a recent trip to New Zealand which showed off the autumnal colours against spectacular landscapes as backdrop.

Coincidently Wolf, Colin and Don all had poems added to the sequences which set the mood for this time of year.

Posted June 5 2014

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Beyond The Sea
The beautiful words and music of ‘Beyond the Sea’ were the inspiration for making this presentation from images taken along Australian beaches.
Photography and Production by Ruth Goldwasser. Music by Celtic Woman

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Uluru and the Olgas NT

An Audiovisual Presentation capturing some of
the colours and aboriginal culture of Ayres Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas (Kata
Tjuta). Photography, narration and production by Donna Killeen

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An Audiovisual Presentation pondering the value of water over the ages. Story, images, narration and production by Donna Killeen.

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An audiovisual presentation by Colin Hunter, the Story teller Guremil

This is your Dreaming – a story of the Nevin – Hunter Clan

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Wolf Marx writes: I try to record the ever changing face of street art in Melbourne, and when possible in other cities in Australia. This AV shows some of the best street art I have recorded in Melbourne laneways, and on a recent trip to Darwin. The community’s tolerant attitude to street art has enabled the true artistry of this genre to flourish in Melbourne, particularly in Hosier and ACDC Lanes and in the streets and alleys around Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

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A presentation by Wolf Marx of the beautiful scenery and indigenous works of art in the Australian Outback in the remote areas of the Kimberleys

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By Rebecca Nicolandos – A camera club invitation for Sunday to compare cameras. We do not own the music. All rights reserved to the respective music labels.

Uploaded by CCCAVGp on Mar 28, 2012

Images and Production by Colin Hunter. The Rainbow Lorikeets come every year to feast on our Apricots & Apples when they are just ready to be picked. After they have feasted they have a short flight to a Silver Birch in our front garden and chatter, the photographs were taken early in the mornings to show of their true colours.
We do not own the music. All rights reserved to the respective music labels.

Uploaded by CCCAVGpon Feb 1, 2012

This audiovisual or diaporama, by Ruth Goldwasser, was produced as part of our camera club’s challenge to make a presentation using monochrome still images. The music, used with permission, is ‘Spinning Around’ by Unit Six. The singer is Kerri-Anne G

Uploaded by CCCAVGpon Jan 24, 2012

Deborah Mullins Fine Art Photography: These images are a selection from those created for my recent 2011 exhibition: a group exhibition: Fresh 11 The flawed nature of human perception and understanding is accentuated through a soft focus, distorted view of what lies directly in front of us. Our own experiences, feelings and personal interpretations can alter each person’s viewpoint. I am inspired to compose my images through the contrast of light and dark spaces using the ever changing luminance of the evening to create a mood often found in my dreams and nightmares.

Uploaded by CCCAVGpon Jan 13, 2012

Images, Script,Narration and Production – Don Weston The History of the California Motel from the heady days of the 1960’s to its eventual decline in 2007 followed by vandalism and graffitti. No copyright infringement Intended. We do not own the music. All rights reserved to the respective music labels.

Uploaded by CCCAVGpon Jan 13, 2012

Author, Photographer, Producer and Artist: Carolyn Buckley The mind is so very complex and so I wonder what happens within……. when the mind is robbed of speech and rearranged through certain circumstances…. so for a moment I have imagined I have stepped into the mind and experienced a myriad of thoughts…….with certain unknown restraints and possibly being washed in an ocean of fear ,somedays being rough and other days unexpectedly calm.
Last Saturday I stopped at a crowded,local coffee shop. I was fortunate enough to be seated with 3 others: girl from Shanghai attending a local High School and a couple who have experienced their lives being changed by STROKE. Their story was/is positively inspiring and was part of the BALLARAT INTERNATIONAL FOTO BIENNALE 2009/STROKE EXHIBITION. …….. I had seen this EXHIBITION of those who have suffered a STROKE in BALLARAT and had read each story with amazement and viewed each image……. hence the audio above.
The couple I created the above images about have actually written a small book about their love and experience with STROKE. so after creating the audio I read their story and then found my copy of “living with stroke…..a photographic exhibition” from the BIFB2009 and sure enough…….I found their story.
Since our meeting in the coffee shop we have met again…….we will remain friends and I will often think about their courage and love for each other

Uploaded by CCCAVGpon Jan 8, 2012

Images, Script, Narration and Production by Ruth Goldwasser: The life, loves and art of Antoni Gaudi, with details from his beautifully designed buildings in Barcelona, Spain. A feast of Art Nouveau Architecture. No copyright infringement Intended. We do not own the music. All rights reserved to the respective music labels.

This audiovisual presentation won first prize in the the VAPS interclub competition in 2008 and has since received International Acceptances in Poland and South Africa.

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