Annual Trophy Competition 2011

Competition was fierce, judge Fred Everett LAPS made valuable comments and selected a stunning set of winning images from a field of great entries. Please see a complete list of winning images in each category below.

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Aggregate Awards – 2011

Aggregate Large Prints ‘A’ Division – Donald M Inchley Memorial Trophy.

1 Evan Thomas

2 Don Weston

3 Ken Spence

Aggregate Large Prints ‘B’ Division

1 Colin Hunter

2 Bob Way

3 Robert Shanks

Aggregate Projected Images ‘A’ Division – A. Edmund Stevens Memorial Trophy.

1 Don Weston

2 Barney Meyer

3 Sue Welsh

Aggregate Projected Images ‘B’ Division

1 Anna K Janiak

2 Bob Way

3 Mather Mason / Graeme Pretty Snr.

Aggregate Small Prints (‘B’ Division only)

1 Dennis Hill

2 Colin Hunter

3 Graeme Pretty Snr.

Annual Competitions – 2011. Judge: Fred Everett

The Wilfred Broadhead Memorial Trophy. Best Projected Image

1 Ken Spence – Still Standing

2 Ruth Goldwasser – Along the Shore

The Gordon Hankin Memorial Trophy. Best Large Print

1 Don Weston – Rowers

2 Ruth Goldwasser – The Graduate

The George Rosedale Memorial Trophy. Best Large Architectural Print

1 Barney Meyer – Cathedral

2 Don Weston – Parliament Library

The Viola Boice Memorial Trophy. Best Landscape Projected Image

1 Don Weston – Misty Lake

2 Ken Spence – Avenue of Blossoms

The Nell & Viv Bennett Perpetual Trophy. Best Colour Print (as defined)

1 Barney Meyer – Cape Schanck

2 Phillip Hankin – Wye Sunset

The Monochrome Print Perpetual Trophy.

1 Evan Thomas – Old World, New World

2 Ruth Goldwasser – Tiger Eyes

The Barbara Symonds Memorial Trophy. Best Small Print

1 Sue Welsh – Flamingo

2 Ruth Goldwasser – Colobus

Steward’s Award – 2011

Winner Bob Way

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