Gurksy Photo of Rhine Sells for $4.3M

World’s Most Expensive Pic

Would this win our monthly competition at the CCC? I don’t know, but it did sell for a whopping price.

One Response to “Gurksy Photo of Rhine Sells for $4.3M”
  1. barneymeyer says:

    Congratulations to Gursky!
    I saw this image at the NGV, hugely blown up film, not sharp, documents an entirely unremarkable scene, the Rhine river in a concrete channel.
    In the full size image you can see more texture in the lawn and also some concrete steps going down to the water on the opposite bank. However, not much has been lost in this small representation – except size.
    If $4.3mio was loose change for me I’m sure that I could find a more striking image as an investment.

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