Landscape Workshop


Engineer, mathematician, itinerant street photographer, Barney’s shows us his twisted view of the world on his website Warped Worlds . His recent exhibition Megalopolis Landscapes explores the decay, death and rebirth of Megalopolis. Urban Perspectives featured extreme angle views of the urban landscape.

Barney is facilitator for the Landscape module of our “Beyond Point and Shoot” course. He is keen to share his experience with you and his goal is to show you how to use your camera to capture the most detail from a landscape. He will lead you through the intricacies of Camera Settings , show you Sample Images and then Comment on the Class Images

You can see more of his images in the Galleries on this web page. You will have noticed that his preference is for “Urban Grunge” and not “Pretty Landscapes”.

Preparation for Landscape Class – August 2011

Class Images – August 2011

Gallery – class images August 2011 workshop

Comments on Workshop – August 2011

Comments on Class Images – Workshop August 2011

Camera Settings – May 2011

Sample Images – May 2011

Comments on Results – May 2011

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