Photography Tips for Shooting on Sunny Days

The sun is back!

Overcast days provide a beautiful natural soft box for photographers, but as the sun creeps back into our lives we can become restricted to photograph early or late in the day!

Are we?

Let’s look at a few tips on how to adapt our photography to suit sunny weather conditions.  These tips can apply to both inanimate subjects or portraits.

  1. Use a reflector. You don’t need to buy one either, just use a piece of white paper or card.
  2. Ask your model to look into the light and count them in. Say “1,2,3 Open!” and take your shot quickly.
  3. Use fill flash.  Click here to read more about using fill flash.
  4. Alter the output setting on your on-camera flash. Try lessening the output to have a more softer look.
  5. Look for a natural reflector and place your subject or model near it.  For example, have a model face towards a light coloured, sun lit wall.  The model could be in the standing in the shade and the wall should bounce a little light towards them.
  6. Use spot metering on the main area of the subject e.g. face or flower centre.  This will make sure your camera’s metering system isn’t exposing for the light sky!
  7. Try placing the subject with light behind them and light behind you… give it a try, this is a good one 🙂
  8. Wait for the clouds to block the sun.
  9. Make a diffuser to soften the light source. Bend a coat hanger into a diamond shape, cover it with baking paper or white cloth and hold it in between a small subject and the sun. Beautiful!

Happy Shooting,

Camberwell Camera Club

Melbourne, Victoria

To watch a UTube about using fill flash, click the link below.

You will also find this quick explanation by Scott Kelby handy as he discusses shooting a portrait on a sunny day.


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