Class Images – August 2011

Thanks to those who have sent images for all to enjoy. I have selected one image from each person and show you all of the images received HERE(click on the link).

If any of the posted images is not to your satisfaction and you want suggestions on one specific image, please let me know what troubles you and I will try to advise.

Thanks to Colyn for sending her stunning image from the Yarra South Side

Colyn Ranken - untitled

The composition and exposure look good. Focus is sharp. Beautiful colours, nice broken diagonal running from the top right to bottom left. Well done!

Colyn, the only suggestion I can make is to crop the image on the LHS as the band of light on the left edge, cycle (?) frame and odd lights are distracting attention from the rest of the scene.

Graz Tinney_MG_9185 Along the path

Canon 1000D 55mm f/9 0.3s ISO 1600 AWB JPEG

Graz submitted this great composition. I like the straight diagonal line from the top left hand corner towards the bottom centre, as well as the irregular diagonal running up to the right. The lamp posts and the lighted green strip of lawn lead to the centre of the image. The focus is sharp throughout, good depth of field and nice leading lines.

Dmitry Budnik - Glowing in the night

Canon 60D EF18-55mm f/3.5-5.6IS at 44mm manual f/13, 15s, ISO 400 6:58pm AWB sRGB Colour space.

Dmitry’s image shows us the beautiful city lights. Sharply in focus, the small aperture has produced lovely starbursts but the aperture is still large enough to avoid diffraction. Low ISO long exposure has smoothed the mid-stream ripples on the water, making the river smooth. The exposure is very natural, always be careful with these night-time images not to underexpose or overexpose. The natural inclination of the camera meter is to make the image lighter, then the scene looks overexposed. You have done this well Dmitry by using manual exposure settings.

My only comment is: shoot RAW and check the colour temperature afterwards before processing a jpeg. The colour of the sky should be changing from dark blue to black at this time of night.

Duane Harris - Cityblues

Canon 550D 23mm f/3.5, exposure f/9 5s ISO800 Manual AWB
Duane gave us this lovely image showing the darkening blue sky during nautical twilight. I like the colours Duane.

Here we have a lovely image from John

John Gondek - City lights from Yarra

Olympus E5 settings 32mm, F9.0, 5 exposures (1//6th – 1sec), ISO 800, AWB.

Thank you to Michael for this lovely image in which he has captured the “blue” phase of the city. Michael has also sent several other images which you can see in the gallery from the class workshop.


Sony SLT-A55V Lens DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM @ 35mm (52mm equiv), Manual f/9 0.6s ISO800 Tungsten White Balance

Tom sent us this great exposure and composition, lovely colours, excellent composition. There are more of Tom’s images in the gallery. Well done Tom!

Tom Rimmington DSC_6022

NIKON D70, Lens 18.0-70.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 @ 35mm, exp Manual f/9.5 1.5s ISO 1600
Claudia White sent me three bracketed RAW files, which were a great composition and exposure. She asked for my help so I tonemapped them and produced this image.
This was her capture, I merely helped with the processing. You can only get a beautiful image like this from a high quality capture. Well done Claudia.
I’ll discuss the process more in the Comments section.

Claudia White 3 exp RAW CRW_1908-1910 (with help from Barney)

Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL Lens 28.0-90.0 mm @28mm, 3 exp RAW, f/9 ISO 400: 1/200s, 1/50s, 1/13s

Pam Huang contributed this beautiful image of the bridge and city shortly after sunset.


SONY  SLT-A55V Lens DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM @ 55mm Exposure f/9 1.6s ISO 400

I hope to see these images entered into the club competition!

3 Responses to “Class Images – August 2011”
  1. Graz Tinney says:

    Great image,
    Just out of interest, is it possible for you to include, Aperture value, ISO and shutter speed information with photos

  2. Rebecca says:

    WOW! I am impressed on the caliber of images produced by the photographers in the course. It is really interesting how we were all at the same place, but each image is unique. Keep up the great work! Rebecca

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