Black and White in Audiovisuals

Our AV Group meeting on Monday 1st August was well attended with ten presentations being shown and all were selected for our upcoming Camberwell and Upminster Exchange. The evening was very entertaining and informative with a good range of different styles and interpretations shown. I am sure that the Upminster group will enjoy them as much as we did.
Our next meeting will be held on the 5th of September where we plan to showcase some National and International standard AVs. We will also demonstrate how to organise one’s files, how to create an output for competition purposes and also demonstrate how to stop movement in images before fading one animated image to the next. 
Are you up for our challenge?
I realise that this is not much notice, but we have set a new challenge which is also due at our next meeting: that is, to produce a Black and White or Monochrome audiovisual presentation. With so little notice given, this requires a quick response, and a thinking cap……………….. which I myself have not yet found. 
If you have a series of B&W photos or know how to make them, please put them to a sound track and bring them along to our next meeting.
Happy AV- ing
Ruth Goldwasser – AV Group Convenor

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