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Robert is a life-long amateur photographer for family, travel and special photography projects. My photographic interests merge with my professional scientific interests where images are used for illustration and measurement. I use digital photography with optical microscopy, infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy. I enjoy working with scientific instruments and the digital camera is a superb instrument. Landscapes and the internal structure of materials provide both similarities and contrasts. Current techniques of interest are HDR, macrophotography and focus stacking to increase macro DoF.

Recently added are 4 photos of the Sun, Nikon D800 400 mm lens with solar filter except for the two eclipse photos where I had to take them through cloud without a filter (hence they are white compared with yellow). The filter lets 1/100000 of the light through so relatively long exposures were used, ISO 100, F5.6-10, shutter 50-500 s, The lens was not big enough (400 mm) so much cropping but the D800 is 36 Mpixel. I send them while the event is topical.

The first is weeks before for practice, the second the day before for practice (13Nov12) – note the different sunspots, the first eclipse was close to the maximum at Canberra and the second about 20 min after maximum (14Nov12) – all three later ones have the same sunspots.

One Response to “Gallery – Robert Shanks”
  1. Geoff says:

    Nice Bob

    Do you also take images of small things domestically? – eg of size would be ants, moss etc.
    I was mulling ths over at the w/e and wondered, if price no object, what would one use – body, lens, lighting etc.
    I looked at the Canon EOS SLR [I think – at airport so can’t check just now].
    Was curious as to differences between EOS 1Ds Mark III and EOS 1D Mark IV SLR bodies – or might there be something more suited.
    I like short exposure [moving critters], focus where I want it [auto focus chooses wrong bits of eg a blossom] relative ease [I’m not v competent] good colours and depth. I’d also need to learn about lighting – and more!



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