Photo Technique – One step Resizing, renaming and watermarking

This technique shows you how to Resize, Rename and Watermark your images for our website or monthly competitions in one easy step using a free tool called FastStone Photo resizer. Version 3.1 can be downloaded for free from

Start the program and browse to the location where your source files are

Working in the Batch Convert tab, choose the files which you want to watermark (if you’re paranoid about your images being protected on our website) and ADD=> them to the RHS pane.

Note the little preview window, tick to activate. Also note that the program handles large images like my 604MB TIFF files.

Set an output folder so that you don’t overwrite your originals.

Use Advanced Options to resize and watermark etc.

Use rename if you want to rename the images, I’ve set AugustOpen## starting at number 01.

Go to the advanced options.

I’ve chosen to resize to 1024×768 pixels

I’m not going to use the other tools, but I will show you how to watermark your images – although I don’t personally like using watermarks – and please don’t watermark projected images for the competitions.

I’ve chosen to use my signature as a watermark, scanned as white text and the background is transparent.

As my output image is 1024×768 pixels, I made my signature 200×96 pixels and I ticked the Shadow box.

The Convert box shows the result

My two chosen images are now in the specified folder, with watermark (not for competitions please!). You can now rename them and e-mail to Sue.

Prepared by Barney on 24/7/2011

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