City Streets – Portrait Shoot June 2011

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It was a foggy Sunday morning in June that we met in the graffiti scrawled streets of Melbourne!

Some challenges were set for the photographers of the day and they were…
1. Encourage the model to express an emotion with their eyes
2. Ask the model to act out scenarios
3. Use framing devices
4. Consider different angles of view

We went along two lane ways of Melbourne – Hosier lane and ACDC lane. They were vibrant streets to look at, but proved quite challenging to photograph in as the background colours tended to overpower the model unless the photographers carefully composed their images or used post processing techniques to help out. One photographer emailed me with that exact problem, explaining that her model was ‘lost’ in the image. The tips offered were to make the image black and white and darken the background areas or simply darken the wall area behind the model.

We have a number of images here from some of the members who attended the portrait workshop and remember to keep and eye out for ‘Portrait Tips’ on our blog page!

Happy shooting,

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