Portrait Tip #2 – Use Props

Use props to support your photo shoot

Props are a perfect support item for your photo shoot, especially if you run out of ideas for your model. Your models will be glad of something to use in the shots too!

In this shot (left) I asked Charlotte if she would snuggle up to her scarf and bring it to her face.  She did exactly that!  I then encouraged her to look in different directions and to slightly move the scarf each time, which has resulted in a few images for me to select from.

If you are photographing children, ask their parents what they like to play with.  ‘Action’ props like balls, tea sets, bubbles and bikes can give the children something to play with while you focus on taking candid photos.

Umbrellas make a great prop as it gives the model something to hold onto and can be used as a framing device.  Using beanies, headbands, soft toys, mobiles and other accessories can work well when photographing babies.

Keep your eye out for props everywhere!  The paper angel wings in the image to the right were received when visiting Santa at a store in Melbourne. It made a great prop!

Happy shooting, Rebecca.

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