How to Use the new CCC Website

Our website can be found at the link

This opens the home page:

Put your mouse on the Gallery menu, click and it will open the club gallery.

If you bring your mouse down onto the Featured Members submenu and left-click it will open the Featured Members page.

Scroll down the page to find the member that you want (including yourself if you have sent your entries to Barney for posting):

Some members bios contain links to other image galleries. If you hover over the highlighted text it will bring up a name box:

Clicking on this (for example) opens up Mark’s gallery on the CCC Website:

Click on the images to see them in full size. Clicking on the image or on the name below will open up the next image:

Here is a summary of all the menus and submenus (at present):

takes you back to the home page.

takes you to the blog pages. Please feel free to comment, that’s what a blog is all about!

tells you about the club.

our calendar of events.

Takes you to the “Beyond Point and Shoot” course pages, including course material (not all loaded yet)

The course submenus open up to more levels

Groups opens up to several sub-categories

Resources has several categories and CONTACT takes you to links elsewhere.

Any queries, contact Mark, Barney or Don.

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