An age old question – New lens or new camera?

It’s a timeless debate really.
Would you buy a new camera body or a camera lens?
Some argue that a new lens you will keep for many, many years whereas a new body may become outdated in just a few! But, if we compromise megapixels or sensor quality, our images may still not be the best that they can be. What do you think? What cameras and lenses do you own?

One Response to “An age old question – New lens or new camera?”
  1. barneymeyer says:

    Interesting question.
    I own a Canon 5DMkII & several lenses: 8mm Fisheye, 15mm Diagonal Fisheye, 17mm Tilt Shift, 17-40mm Wide Zoom, 28-135 Wide-Tele Zoom, 80-400 Tele-Zoom+ 2X converter. I can’t think of another lens that I need!
    My lenses have been carried forward through several camera body models. Every lens has it’s purpose.
    I love the full frame sensor & will never go back to small sensors. Lenses just “feel right” and DOF behaves correctly.
    There would have to be a very compelling technical reason to upgrade my camera body, squeezing a few more megapixels into a full frame isn’t enough & the large format cameras are for sudios, not street work.
    RAW processing let’s me get most quality out of the image, I have no interest in in-camera processing.
    Conclusion: Neither lens nor body, but Software and Processing techniques – that’s where I’ll put my money.

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