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I have been involved in photography most of my life. At 12, I received a Box Brownie camera for my birthday and learned how to make contact prints in the kitchen, exposing the negatives in a cloth-backed wooden and glass frame. The tiny prints were processed in bakelite trays on the kitchen sink. I inherited my love of photography from my father, Roy Weston, who was born and raised in the Buckland Valley , near Bright, Victoria. He took many photos in the 20s and 30s of gold sluicing, alpine huts, and alpine skiing on Mounts Hotham and Bogong. He took his folding Kodak camera to Palestine with the Australian Ninth Division in the Second World War and took many fascinating shots.

At Monash University in Melbourne, I learned to expose, develop, and print 35 mm black and white negatives, and joined the very-active Monash Bushwalking club. I became a keen caver, ski tourer, canoeist, and walker and not a not-so-keen rock climber. Photographing these activities presented many challenges! Several month-long trips to Southwest Tasmania yielded many great black and white prints and color slides of this remote and beautiful area.

After leaving Monash I joined Kodak Australia in Coburg, Victoria, and spent 30 years there, first in the Research Laboratories, then the Phototechnology area, and finally in the manufacturing of Ektacolor paper. I joined the Employees’ Camera Club and discovered the joys of colour printing. During my Kodak years, I shot mainly 35 mm and 120 colour negatives, entering the resulting prints in local and international competitions.

Towards the end of my time at Kodak, I discovered that the delights of digital photography, and bought a DC 4800 digital camera. Learning more about scanning, inkjet printing, CD burning, and Adobe Photoshop has kept me very busy in recent years. Whether capturing images with silver halide emulsions or digitally, I use the key guidelines drummed into me at countless camera club competitions: composition, simplicity, and lighting. I invite you to enjoy some of the images which I have made in my Gallery.

2 Responses to “Gallery – Don Weston”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Don,
    You have some beautiful shots here!
    How do you approach taking images at the snow? What did you need to consider?

    • don65w says:

      Hi Bec, the idea is not to take too much snow! It can be white and featureless.
      The lightmeter on your camera will try to make snow “grey” so you need to overexpose bt half a stop or so. Don

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