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Engineer, mathematician, itinerant street photographer, Denizen of the Dark and Derelict. Barney shows us his twisted view of the world on his website Warped Worlds . His current exhibition Panoramic Perspectives in the Brunswick Street Gallery features his largest canvas yet, and like his recent exhibition Megalopolis Landscapes explores the decay, death and rebirth of Megalopolis. Urban Perspectives featured extreme angle views of the urban landscape.

Barney is facilitator for the Landscape module of our “Beyond Point and Shoot” course.

You can see more of his images in the Galleries on this page. You will have noticed that his preference is for “Urban Grunge” and not “Pretty Landscapes“. He also likes derelict, abandoned, old and decaying buildings, machines, cars, people. Please let him know if you see anything worthy of capturing!

Music Swop Shop – Enjoy the crazy antics

Click this image to enter the Music Swop Shop. Turn around – recognise the crazy tuba player

My latest expedition to Chemical Hell – enjoy the bubbling baths of acid and sodium cyanide

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit the grand old mansion Labassa and see the beautiful stairway

Here is a high resolution tour of the stairwell

Labassa Stairwell & Ceiling

Join me in prison on a Virtual 360° tour of The Old Melbourne Gaol: Use your mouse to scroll around, follow the arrows, change floors.

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Upper Gallery 284x142cm – centrepiece of the “Urban Perspectives” exhibition.

Giclee print, Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigmented ink on archival canvas, Composite of 108 images, 216 Megapixels.

View from the upper galleries of the main power hall, derelict power station, North Coogee W.A.

05:30am, the golden sunrise streams in through the windows on the southern side. In order to capture these scenes, I entered the power station shortly after 04:00am. It is awesomely scary to stand in this huge derelict building in the dark, an experience not to be missed.

Due to the very large contrast between the bright light streaming in and the dark shadows in the interior, the panoramic images from inside the power station require a number of overlapping image “scenes”, each scene requiring a number of bracketed exposure frames to capture detail in the full tonal range. This scene required 12 overlapping scene frames each with 9 bracketed exposures. The working file is 2.75Gigabyte in size.

Experience a virtual tour of this scene without the fear:

In this gallery I want to feature some of my images of Urban Exploration – URBEX – visits to the old, the discarded, the forgotten, and show my love for old things which have served man well and now lie decaying and neglected, but in some cases are being proudly restored.


For all my virtual tours go to TourWrist 

8 Responses to “Gallery – Barney Meyer”
  1. Jan Krestyn says:

    Barney, Teds Shed is my favourite one, and has a nice story to it 🙂 Somewhat sad though. There is no one making those boats any more, is there?

  2. barneymeyer says:

    Hi Jan
    It’s a great shed & I think there must be many more like this around, discarded, unused, unappreciated.
    We should all get out there & use our HDR skills to record them for posterity.
    Ted Walton’s model boats were based on his life fishing in Westernport on sailing boats. After he retired he won prizes for these models built with what we would regard as much more primitive equipment than we can buy nowadays but with which we are unlikely to build anything like this.
    Ted has passed away & the shed stands there decaying, no doubt to be bulldozed one day to replace a trashy modern beach house.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hello Barney,
    I love your work, it has an almost surreal and other worldly look to it!
    Do you take photos at a similar kind of day for your images?
    What is you favourite camera lens?
    Are most of your images taken around Melbourne?

    • barneymeyer says:

      LOL! Thanks Bec
      I sneak into derelict spaces, trying to arrive before sunrise to remain unseen.
      Due to the very high dynamic range I may take 3, 5, up to 13 bracketed exposures to capture all the details then overlay them.
      These spaces are other-worldy, as are some of the inhabitants, that’s why I like them.

  4. grungly says:

    Hi Barney,
    Great shots. How did you do the revolving slide show at the top of the page. Very effective!

  5. barneymeyer says:

    Done for you too mate!
    Let me know if you don’t like it!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi Barney,
    What an amazing concept with the Virtual Tour at the Yarra Footbridge!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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